Read (somewhat) all about it:


  • A very generous and well-researched account of my 2013 group performance QUEER NOISE SOLIDARITY, written by Caroline Azar- a role model feminist shit disturber, dramaturg, and founding member of Fifth Column. See it on the FADO Performance Art Centre website.
  • The amazing content rich website for They Made A Day Be A Day Here, a group exhibition curated by Amy Fung, has individual artist profiles. Mine is found here.
  • So much stuff about my documentary video WHY DAD MMXI, including another video of my talking head talking about it, hott tipz about art that I like, and a brief text by Margaux Williamson my cherished peer- all on SKOL.
  • The Black & Burisch text is also featured in The Craft Reader, ed. Glenn Adamson (Berg Publishers)

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