I create large scale, site specific events for artist-run festivals and galleries across Canada.

Here is some brief photo documentation from ancient performances, including:

  • QUEER NOISE SOLIDARITY. Me + 12 female drummers positioned in an equilateral triangle in the bottom of Christie Pits Park in Toronto. Pounding and screaming as loud as possible to mark sundowning on May 24, 2013. In 3 movements over 90 minutes. Presented with love by FAG (The Feminist Art Gallery) and FADO Performance Art. Images by Henry Chan for FADO, Anthea Black, and myself. By Wednesday Lupypciw, featuring these talented drummers: Tyla Crowhurst-Smith, Conny Nowé, Alaska B, Eleanor King, Karen Frostitution, Samara Liu, Celina Carroll, Shavonne Tovah Somvong, Laura Hartley, Heidi Chan, Rita McKeough, and Simone TB.  More on this performance, available here.
  • The Ladies 500 Metre Challenge, 2010. A competitive, multi-round, and timed weaving performance with bleachers for spectators. Team Pink and Team Purple face off in this cutthroat crafting arena to see who creates the best textiles in Plain Weave, Houndstooth, and Freestyle. The Coach presides over the event and doles out penalties furiously and frequently, which are then enforced by her wicked assistant Penelope. Weaving, unweaving, light bondage, hard work, and tears ensue until the textile is judged by The (blindfolded) Coach, who crowns a winner. Curated by Nicole Burisch for Mountain Standard Time Festival, and presented at The Glenbow Museum, in Calgary. Performed by Sarah Adams, Anthea Black, Caitlind Brown, Jennifer Crighton, Sarah W, and Wednesday Lupypciw. Images by Nicole Burisch.